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3D Printed Models or Traditional Model Kits

So I'm thinking about getting into model kits. And I've recently heard and watched many VDOs abouts 3D printers. And I'm wondering if I should get into tradition models or just get a 3D printer. It seems to me that 3D printers would make the entire model kit industry obsolete. I've seen a lot of printed models and they look phenomenal. And you can pretty much create anything. There seems to be endless supplies of models already created for you and those are awesome as well.

What do you think guys?

by YouMe

Nothing beats the good old model mate. There's nothing like cutting the pieces out and gluing it all together. The smell and everyhing lol.

by Dave

Actually, a good and high resolution 3D printer really is able to beat traditional models in every way. You can get the pieces printed out piece by piece and they are all really detailed. Heck you can even print out a working gun.

by Roony

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