Nux Solid Studio (Verdugo Series)


The Nux Solid Studio from the Verdugo Series is a great example of how technology makes setting up a effects chain much easier than before. Basically the Nux Solid Studio is a simulator that simulates a cabinet, power amp, and mics and integrates it into your chain. With it, you can just plug your pedal chain into your gig venue's PA and get some basic amp sounds going without having to rely on the house's system so much. At least, that's the idea.



The Nux Solid Studio comes in a standard(ish) size foot pedal form factor. Two main foot switches turns the CAB/MIC simulator and the AMP simulator on or off. Two matching main rotary dial allows for quick selection of CAB and MIC types. Next to the CAB simulator knob you can choose between 3 different types of simulated tubes (EL34, 6v6, and EL84) and next to the MIC knob you can select three mic positions (center, middle, and edge). Three additional knobs allows you to control Master, Drive and Pres.

Real Word Test:

The Nux Solid Studio excels in making your pedal board more versatile. By having the unit at the end of your chain, you have the option of plugging your chain directly to a PA or any other sound system your venue may have. Don't expect extreme authentic tones though as the simulated sounds are certainly more than passable but will no satisfy true amp aficionados.

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