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Real Guitar Games : Learn Guitar with Yousician, Rocksmith, Rock Prodigy and more!

What is the best ways to learn to play guitar? The question has many answers, but one of the most exciting and newest ways to learn guitar today is through games! Learn about games that uses real guitars and actually teaches you to play here!

Guitar Tuner Apps Like Guitar Tuna Are Nice and Simple!

What do you do when you need to tune your guitar but don't have a dedicated tuner on hand? If you still have your phone then Guitar Tuner Apps may be the answer!

Tamiya Mini 4wd : The Cars, The Races, The Animes.

Tamiya Mini 4wd is a world wide sensation and has withstood the test of time!

Virtual Pet Games : Tamagotchi, Giga Pet and More!

For many of us who were children in the 90's there was one toy that was unarguably memorable and dear. Having this toy was like having your very own fantasy pet, quite literally. I am of course talking about virtual pet toy which created quite a craze at the height of their popularity. In fact, their popularity prompted authorities in some countries made passed laws forbidding them from schools!

Guitar Capo : ALL ABOUT THEM

The guitar capo, if used correctly, is one of the most versatile accessories for the instrument. Learn about them here!

Zoids Model Kits and Toys

Zoids model kits and toys have always been one of the top toy lines to come out of Japan. Find out about them here!

Joyo Bantamp : A Review

The Joyo Bantamp allows players to play a real tube amp in their bedroom at a very affordable price!

Flightscope Mevo Plus Review

The Flightscope Mevo Plus is a newcomer in the world of portable golf launch monitors. It's a device designed to help golfers of all level improve their game. Compared to the Flightscope Mevo, it is quite an innovative with many updates and upgrades. In the recent PGA merchandise show, it is all the rage. Let's see if it can live up to the hype.

The Mighty Orbots

The Mighty Orbots, was an 80's cartoon series sued into oblivion. Who knows how popular it could have become.

Wooden Toys

In this current world of technological gadgets, wooden toys are making a come back. Their benefits make them quite enticing indeed.

Seiko 6309 Returns As The Seiko Prospex

Seiko 6309 was one of Seiko's most beloved watches. Now it returns as the Seiko Prospex!

Ibanez RGD71ALMS

Ibanez is a guitar brand that has always manage to stay relevant. They've always stayed true to their character but have found that balance whereby the were able to introduce innovations to their lineups while staying true to their core values. Today we will be reviewing an addition to Ibanez's much beloved RG line, the 5000 seires Axion Labels : RGD71ALMS.

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake

Seymour Duncan Silver Lake is quite a well rounded reverb. Find out more about them with our review!

Gopher Wood G-200 ET

Gopher Wood G-200 ET is quite a cool guitar that allows you to change its tone to an extent with its Sound Pillar technology.

Nux Solid Studio (Verdugo Series)

Nux Solid Studio (Verdugo Series) makes your chain much more versatile with cab and mic modelling.

Nux Mini Studio

The Nux Mini Studio is in essence a cabinet simulator which would most likely go at the end of your effects chain. While this may seem redundant in a normal effects chain, this box comes in really handy if you were to gig in a venue that only has a PA whereby you can simply use this box as a passable cabinet alternative.

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