10 Interesting Facts About Dreams

Dream. We all do it when we sleep. Well we do it when we are awake also but that’s for another video. Today we will be talking about the dreams you get while you are sleeping. Although we don’t fully understand why we dream nor we fully know their purpose, scientists have come a long way in when it comes to knowing a lot about them! And here are ten interesting facts about dreams that you ought to know!

Most dreams are forgotten.

Do you remember your dream from last night? Chances are you don’t! And if you do remember something, do you realize that is just a small part of what you dreamt. Do you know how much of your dream you actually forget? 95%. Yup you forget that much. There are many theories as to why this is but one of the most prevalent one is that changes in the brain while you dream makes it unsuitable for memory formation to take place.

Not all dreams are in color.

Most people dream in color but about 12% dream in black and white. People who are under the age of 25 rarely report that they dream in black and white but as they get older, like 55 they will start to dream in shades of gray . Well actually I think young people just don’t remember that they just dreamt in black and white or are just too cool to admit it.

Men and Women dream differently.

Uh, Duh. Ok my source lists this as one of the heading but I think we all know this already. Men dream of cars and weapons and sports and women dream of fashion and rosy beautiful stuff. I’m paraphrasing of course but that’s the gist of it. Big surprise. I know.

Animals probably dream.

So scientists really do claim that animals probably dream. They use the word probably because they really don’t know and can’t be sure. They tried asking of course but never got any concrete answer.

You can control your dream.

There is a particular type of dream where you are aware that you are dreaming and can control what happens. It’s called Lucid Dreaming. I’ve had a few times and it’s great fun. It really is. Lucid dreaming occurs in a state when consciousness is combined in REM sleep. There are courses online that teach you how to lucid dream but I heard they don’t work. Or people who take them don’t remember if they work or not. I don’t know exactly.

Negative dreams are common.

So you had a nightmare and think something bad will actually come of it? Don’t worry too much, negative dreams are actually quite common. In fact, emotions that are most common in dreams are anxiety and other negative feelings!

Blind people may dream visually.

I think this one is quite romantic. Blind people experience vision in their dream. It may be the only time they experience vision. It’s a bittersweet fact for sure but I do find that there is a touch of romance in this revelation. What do you think? Comment below.

You are paralyzed while dreaming.

REM sleep causes paralysis of your voluntary muscles. So you won’t be able to move your body while you are dreaming. Not that it matters much, since you know, you are sleeping.

Many dreams are universal.

Many dreams are universal no matter which country you are from and regardless of cultural upbringing. Some examples are: not being able to move, arriving late, can’t stop your vehicle, arriving late, flying, and most famous of all: being naked in public.

Everybody Dreams

Everybody who is alive dreams. Even little babies dream. They just don’t remember it when they wake up. Personally, I think they do remember it but they just can’t tell us about it and when they’ve grown up enough to talk they would have truly forgotten about it. But hey what do I know. Now to the scientific part. People dream when they are in the phase of their sleep called REM or rapid eyes movement. Everybody’s sleep cycle goes through REM phase and hence, everybody dreams.

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