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Any under water cameras worth buying now?

Are there any water proof cameras worth buying now? I used to see a few of them when I go to camera stores but now there doesn't seem to be any. I was able to find one online which is the Olympus TG6 Red :

but it's close to $100 and I think it's quite a lot to pay for it. I'm just looking for something to take the the beach or the pool and etc.

by Jama

I think SONY still makes some but it's also pricey.

by Josh

You're right. They don't make them no more.

by Harnet

Now a days if you are looking for a great camera to use under water it's probably best to look at GoPro or other action cameras. GoPros are still quite costly but there are many other alternative. Just do a search for "Action Camera" on ebay or any other online market place and you will find hundreds if not thousands of choices. Once you see a promising one, look at the reviews. You can get a really good one for under $100. Here is one example:

by HobbyBite Team

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