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Cheap smart watch with always on display

Are there any cheaper smart watches with always on display on the market? It seems like anything below 50$ doesn't have this function. I am looking for always on display the way Garmin watches does.

by Watching4Watches

hard to find bro

by AnyAnt

Garmin 45

Maybe not quite in your 50$ budget but the cheapest one I can think of that has always on display would be the Garmin 45. 

by Garmo

W58 Smart Watch

If you do a search on like Lazada or something like that for a "W58 smart watch" you will be able to find the W58 watch which is around $20 to $30 and it claims to have an "always on" display. 

Basically an Apple Watch clone but it does fit your bill.

by Wooshie

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