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Does Patterns On Golf Balls Help?

Just wondering, does patterns on golf balls help? I'm not talking about the alignment mark you make on the ball to help when putting. I'm talking about the patterns like those that Callaway now puts on your balls and those soccer ball like patterns. Does it help you?

by Uzamaki

It's called the Truvis Pattern

The Callaway soccer pattern is called the Truvis Pattern.

by Timmy55

To me it doesn't really help. But I do use the balls because it looks cool. In terms of performance it doesn't do anything lol. I'm a scratch player btw.

by JamesTonWille

I'm a 5 handicapper and yes the pattern does help. It breaks the monotomy and gives my eye something to aim at. When I swing I aim just below the middle and the pattern really helps me key in to that area. Even when I use white balls I ink it like so:

I think it depends on how you look or sight your golf ball. If you generally hit "through" the ball then patterns won't help. If you focus on a particular spot when you hit the ball then it "could" help.

by Ronny

Maybe it's just all in your head lol

by notReallyJoshHarnet

It really depends on how you focus when you hit the ball

Totally agree with Ronny. It all depends on how you focus on the ball when you swing at it.

by Billy

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