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Driving rage that uses real golf balls


Lately my local driving range switched out their regular "range balls" (you know the kind that are all uniform and comes with the driving range's own stamp) with regular golf balls (the kind you actually play on the range). The "real" comes in all brands and colors and there are even PRO V1s in there as well. The thing is the range charges around 10% more now. They claim that these "real" balls are much better and more realistic and so they are charging premium. Is this fair? What do you guys think?

by Yoola

Seems like a good deal to me. Real golf balls beats range Golf Balls any day of the week!

by Dave

Well real golf balls is definitely superior to those range golf balls IMHO. Depends on how old they are though, if they are all beat up then maybe the extra 10% won't be worth it. But if they're of reasonable condition then I think it's worth it.

by John

Real balls are definitely superior to range balls. But I can tell you that it costs the range more to offer "real" balls to their customers. Regualr range balls are designed to be hit over and over while a "real" ball will wear out much faster and so will have to be replaced more often hence the increase in price.

by HobbyBite Team

I would rather pay less and hit normal range balls if you ask me. "Real" balls probably feels more "real" LOL. But I would rather hit more balls for cheap. It's just the driving range anyways...

by Terry

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