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Golf Grip Solvent, Do we need it?


So I'm going to replace my own grip and I watched many instructions on youtube. So got my self a grip knife, some tapes, and of course the grips themselves. I haven't been able to find any solvents though. Is it nessesary when changing the grip? Where can I get some? 

by JhTammy

Yes you need it

Yes bro you do need the grip solvent. Without it you won't be able to slip the grip onto the shaft with the double sided tape on it. It will just be too sticky for to slide in. 

by Umora


Yes you will definitely need the solvent because as Umora said above, without it you won't be able to slip the grip onto an already-taped shaft. The solvent acts like a lubricant but one that allows the tape to retain it's stickiness once it has dried. As to where you can get it, I personally get my online. You can buy just one gallon to start off. Don't forget that you can re-use the solvent so when you do the pouring make sure to put a tray beneath it. I my self splits a little amount and put the solvent in a sause dispening bottle and work from that.

Also, if you really can't get a hold of golf solvent, I've heard that paint thinner also works. 

This is the solvent I use:

Which you can get here (not a sponsored link by the way). Only economical if you are in Thailand though lol. If not just get one closer to you.

by HobbyBite Team

Yes can confirm that paint thinner does work but it's not as good.

by Yamy

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