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Golf Launch Monitor that are around $100 ?


I was wondering if there are any golf launch monitors out there that are around $100 to $200 dollars? The cheapest ones I've seen are at least $400 and I am looking for something less costly. Just startout out and not looking to break the bank just yet.

by Charlie

$100 to $200 might be too little a budget.

The cheapest ones I've seen are the Voice Caddie SC200 and the SC100. But the SC100 is quite an old model so you'd be better of getting the SC200.

by Jerry

The Jupiter Swing Trainer is around $100 : Yupiteru Atlas GST5GL

Actually there is a launch monitor from Japan that is around $100 and might be what you're looking for. It's the GST-5-GL YUPITERU what you can find more info on here.

It seems all the menus text are in Japanese though, but I think it won't be too hard to figure out. 

If you do a search for it on eBay you can also use another keyword : Jupiter Swing Trainer.

It seems to be getting good reviews

Also, there seems to be two versions the GL and the W. The "W" model has a rechargeable battery and the GL uses alkaline AAs. I recommend using the AAs though since the replaceable battery might be hard to replace once it dies.

Here are some VDO reviews:

by HobbyBite Team

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