How to screenshot on Windows

Have you ever been scrolling through the internet and come across a picture or a section of an article you want to share? Have you felt the pain of attempting to explain to your computer technician an error that popped up on your screen? Do you know an advantageous way to provide a tutorial over the computer?

Windows 10 has provided an effective and simple method to help. The print screen provides multiple options for creating screenshots while on your computer. This digital image will show the content of your screen either in part or in full. This image is then either placed onto the clipboard or it is saved into your photos file.

How does print screen work?

The print screen option provides the answer to the three questions at the top. Print screen is a way to capture a section of the computer screen or the entire computer screen in the form of a screenshot. Screenshots can then be inserted into documents, messages, and files. Do you need a small section of the screen copied or will the entire screen be needed? Will you need the screenshot to be saved or will it only be needed for what your are currently working on? The answer to these questions will determine the method chosen.

The screenshot key is generally found on the top right of the keyboard. Most keyboards have PrtScn printed on the key but instead may have PrtSc or PrntScrn. By pressing the PrtScn key or pressing the PrtScn key down with one or two other keys together, provides different options for screenshots.

Windows 10 offers four screenshot options.

  • PRTSCN is the most basic option. Pressing the PrtScn key will copy the entire screen and attaches it to the clipboard. This file can then be accessed directly from the clipboard or can be pasted into other programs by pressing CTRL + V in the program.
  • ALT + PRTSCN will copy the active window and attaches it to the clipboard. Like the previous option, the file can then be accessed directly from the clipboard or it can be pasted into other programs.
  • WINDOWS KEY + SHIFT + S allows you to select a section of the screen and attaches it to the clipboard. When the keys are pressed simultaneously, the screen will dim, and the pointer will change to a white cross. A box will open at the top of the screen providing the user screenshot options: rectangular snip, freeform snip, window snip and full screen snip. After clicking on your selection, either the screenshot will be taken, or you can drag the cursor across the section you wish to copy.
  • WINDOWS KEY + PRTSCN unlike the other three options, this option will copy the entire screen as an image but will not place it onto the clipboard. Instead, the file will be placed into your "picture" folder under the subfolder "screenshots".

Regardless of the method chosen, print screen will help make your computer life easier and more effective. You will be able to share images of errors, lessons and even stages of your work with less effort. Windows 10 has provided effective ways to collect screenshots for every project.

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