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Laser Range Finder or GPS Golf Watch

This should be an interesting topic. Do you prefer laser range finder or GPS golf watch? 

by HobbyBite Team

I use laser range finder

I use laser range finders. I find it to be much more accurate provided that you use a good one. I used to measure off the distance to the pin with a tape measure and then shot it with the rangefinder and it was exact.

by Tony

GPS watches

I like GPS watch because it's nice and easy. Many models allow you to choose which part of the green you want to aim for and gives you the distance to that point whereas with range finder you can only get the distance to the pin. Granted it is less accurate then laser rangefinders but it's only around 5 or 6 yards off at most which I can live with.

by Tim


You're absolutely right about GPS watches being able to aim at different parts of the green. But one couterpoint I would like to make is that not every course will be on your watch. Especially par 3 courses.

by Tony

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