Gopher Wood G-200 ET


While many statistics show that electric guitars are seeing a slump in sales, the opposite is true for acoustic guitars which are selling quite sell across the board. One interesting guitar that we are reviewing today is the Gopher Wood G-200 ET which claims to come with a new innovation called the "Sound Pillar".


The Gopher Wood is another guitar from South Korea which has proven to the be quite the powerhouse of guitar production. In terms of technical specifications, this guitar comes as satin finished dreadnought. The top is Solid Sitka Spruce and the back is Layerd Sapelle. The neck is Mahogany and the fingerboard is Black Tech Wood. The Compensated Bone nut and saddle completes the package.

In terms of electronics, the guitar comes equipped with the Double S1 Trans-Acoustic Pickup which has controllable mic volume tone. Two reverb effects are available which are "room" and "hall" as well as the chorus delay.

In our tests, the guitar sounds really nice and is quite easy to play. The set up was  on point right out of the box and the action feels right. Both strumming and picking sounds quite balanced. Having all the available effects certainly makes the guitar more fun to play when plugged in.

The main selling point of this guitar is its "sound pillar" technology. This is essentially a pillar which is inside the sound hole with interchangeable tips. By changing the tips (aptly named "Sound Pillar Tip") the guitar's wooden tone could be changed to different wood types, namely: Walnut, Compress, Ebony, Maple, and Brass. An adjustable spring is also a part of this technology which allows for further sound tweaking.

All in all, this is quite a versatile guitar that lends its self well into many genres. The sound pillar does work quite well although each different sounds it creates still retain the base tone of the overall guitar frame, but then again that is to be expected. If you are looking for a new guitar with new gimmicks that actually works, give this guitar a try!

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