Joyo Bantamp : A Review

Joyo Bantamp is a series of mini tube amp that have impressed many people. With a price tag that is quite reasonable and its own character, this small amp is an interesting option to look into indeed.


We all have our ideal tone. Joyo knows this well and so in order to cater to the widest range of tones possible, they launched four individual amp within the Bantamp line. They are: Atomic, Zombie, Jackman, and Meteor. All of them are quite interesting and simplistic at the same time. All of the model blends solid state amp technology with valve amp giving them their own unique characters.


The Bantamp has been advertised as being very simple to work with and that's definitely true. There are only 3 knobs for basic EQ, a power switch, a switch for gain, and a switch for the Bluetooth function. Two channels are available which are the Clean and the Overdrive channel. All four models in this line uses the 12AX7 tube.

The Bluetooth is a great option as it allows you to easily play to a backing track. If you take this amp on the road, it could double as your Bluetooth station though you will need to plug it into a speaker. It should be noted that an antennae is required for the Bluetooth to work properly. This is due the metal casing which would block Bluetooth signals if the reception circuit was inside. The power supply is a DC18V so you won't be able to use generic 9V adapters with it.

In terms of speaker and chain connections, the amp comes with a standard cabinet output and a headphone jack. A send and return effects loop connection is also available.

Last but not least, the amp is rated at 20 Watts.


All four models in the Joyo Bantamp line shares the same basic looks. They are simple and very "mean" looking. Each models are differentiated with color schemes: The Atomic is green, Zombie is black, Jackman is red, and the Meteor is creamy.


As mentioned earlier, having Bluetooth connectivity is an absolute plus. You can easily play along with a backing track with this amp. Also, as a practice amp, these amp are just wonderful! They are also capable of stage performance although real professionals may not find them quite enough. It's difficult to describe each amps using words but I shall try my best.

  • Zombie: Great Mid Low with lots of gain.
  • Meteor: An easier on the ear mid but I like the low end of the zombie better.
  • Jackman: Great for its mid to high range.
  • Atomic: Sort of like Jackman but with less gain.

All four of the amp has great gains and are best for humbucker guitars with some crunch and gain. 

There are two more amps in the line but I didn't get to test them.


Not much in terms of cons as long as you set your expectations correctly. If you are looking for a practice amp or an amp for small gigs, the Joyo Bantamp is great! Please note that there are no cabinet included though.

So there you have it. If you are looking at a unique and simple tube amp, the Bantamp may be the one you're looking for!

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