Seiko 6309 Returns As The Seiko Prospex

Since its inception over 50 years ago, Seiko has made quite a name for themselves in the watch making industry. Their watches are among the most enticing in the world with prices and functions that are hard to match. Their watches has always been a favourite among adventurous souls, and their diving timepieces have always been extremely popular.

One of Seiko early dive watches that became a sensation was the 6306 which was only available in Japan. Later on, the 6306 was further developed into two newer models that were even more well received which were the 6309-7040 and 6309-7049. Both eventually was commonly referred to as the 6309.

One of the reasons Seiko sports and diving watches are so popular is undoubtedly its design which were considered pioneering in the days they were first launched. The shapes were not quit round like others on the market, and that became quite a defining characteristic. There were also thick and thin models to choose from to suite different taste. Seiko kept to this design trend all through the 1970s and it has become a part of Seiko's design etos. The 6309 is one of the series to be borne into this era. Some characteristics that are now Seiko mainstay but was first introduced with the 6309. This includes the crown moving to the four o'clock position (as opposed to the traditional 3 O'clock position). This move makes the watch more comfortable to wear with a wetsuit and allows for better waterproofing. The inclusion of a day indicator next to the date display at the 3 o'clock position is also said to have begun in this line. The 6309 is the First Seiko to take the day indicator even further by incorporating the days in different languages (with English still available as an option.) Some of the first languages available were Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and Arabic. This day indicator quickly became a favorite feature. The fact the many American soldiers began sporting Seiko watches of this serie added to the allure. Although Seiko has launched many additional diving watch series, each with varying degree of success, the 6309 proves to be timeless with unwaning interest and fanbase.

In 2016 Seiko decided to breath new life into their beloved 6309. This time around they will call the new line "Prospex" and gave it the official designation "SRP777K1". The mechanism underneath will be the new and capable workhorse "4R36" which has proven its self in the second generation of Seiko Monster watches as well as many others Seiko offerings. True to Seiko's recent tradition, the new watch will ship with a metal and rubber strap. And of course another of 6309 beloved characteristic is also carried over: the color bezel.

The new 6309 resurrected as the "Prospex" turns out to be really well received in 2016 and 2017 so far. Such good sales result is a testament to the timelessness of this beloved watch serie!

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