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Bitcoins are traceable!

Bitcoins are traceable! This is proven by the recent FBI seizure of the ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline to the Hackers known as Darkseid. This is not to say Bitcoin transactions are completely transparent and people can see all the transactions and who made them. No of course not! But they are not as anonymous as most people think!

Cloudflare ACE MPA Subpoena

Cloudflare was ordered to disclose the identity of over two dozen piracy site operators!

Amazon Reviews Scam

Amazon reviews scam is a very very real problem. So don’t be surprised if the next time you buy something from Amazon thinking you’ve found gold, when it arrives, it turns out to be junk.

Huawei and Leica Ends Relationship!

In what has got to be the breakup of the year. Huawei and Leica are deciding to end their relationship and part ways.

AI Afraid of Us?

AI Afraid of us, that just sounds crazy. Or does it?


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