Cloudflare ACE MPA Subpoena

Cloudflare was ordered to disclose the identity of over two dozen piracy site operators!

What do a lot of pirate sites have in common? Well they have hard to pronounce and remember names such as,,,, and among others. And they all have a lot of useful materials. And of course, loads and loads of pirated movies in all formats from 4K editions to VHS stuff! I kid you not. Also, in case you haven’t figured it out, these sites are well, illegal! So it goes without saying that guys who operate these sites goes to great length to protect their identity!

Another thing they all have in common is that these sites almost always use Cloudflare! They use it because they all are always in constant attack by DDOS or denial of service attacks.

Now this is all well and good. Unless you are one of the ahem good guys trying to take these sites down! And one of these ahem good guys recently noticed that all these sites use cloudflare as per the reasons mentioned above : and probably other reasons as well that I don’t know about. Then the good guys just went. Wait a minute! Why can’t we just force cloudflare to divulge the identity of these site operators!

Since you know Cloudflare is a service and they do need to get paid. And they get paid from somewhere! And that somewhere contains information that will help the good guys catch the bad guys!

So who are these guys going after the pirate sites? They are the MPA or the Motion Picture Association and the ACE or the Alliance for Creativity in Entertainment. By the way, I don’t know if they’re supposed to be called A C E or ace. Please let me know in the comment section if you know.

In fact, the process of acquiring the subpoena has been going on since February and involves a lot of court processes and lawyers and all that formal stuff. So now a couple of months later. MPA and ACE were given the subpoena and can move forward in forcing Cloudflare to cough up what they want to know!

What cloudflare has to disclose are specifically: names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, payment information, account updates, and account histories of their patrons! And then with that, though some awesome detective works, the pirate sites operators shall be revealed!

What will happen after the identities are revealed? They’ll probably get some discount vouchers from insurance companies of course! Don’t you agree that’s totally what’s gonna happen?

And here is a list of the pirate sites that are targeted and will soon have their operator identity revealed. Not sure if this is the full list. If some sites are missing, please let us know.

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