Huawei and Leica Ends Relationship!

In what has got to be the breakup of the year. Huawei and Leica are deciding to end their relationship and part ways.

Now this relationship of theirs has been a great one! Huawei was a great phone manufacturer and Leica is a great camera brand. And when they combined their powers together, they have been creating great smartphones with awesome, and I mean, awesome camera capabilities! Their excellence has been confirmed by many many world renowned benchmarking sites.

Many people think the role of Leica when it comes to Huawei phones was mostly their software contributions. But no! In fact, LEICA actually downright manufactured the camera's components! Not all the parts, of course, but significant ones! Of course, LEICA has had a hand in tweaking the software part of things as well! It takes both parts of the equation to produce the results they’ve always had.

And their partnership has been a fruitful one! It started back in 2016 with the launch of Huawei P9 to much fanfare! And for the next 15 years the two have been launching successful after successful models of smartphone with awesome cameras! Each time pushing the envelope a little more with better and better results!

Sadly, now their time together has come to an end. News of this breakup comes from Twitter via RODENT950 who is known for leaks about Chinese innovations. The tweet states that Huawei and Leica will no longer work together in terms of software and hardwares but will only remain through branding. So that would probably mean that the CO-ENGINEERED with Leica badge may remain on future phones, but they won’t actually be, you know, actually co-engineered. Whatever that means. I am confused. Are you confused? If you are then you’re not alone, if you’re not please do help translate in the comment box below.

As to the reason for this break up. Well nobody with authority has actually come out to explain yet, so we can only speculate. But it probably has to with the US sanction that resulted with Huawei losing google services on their phones not too long ago. Perhaps Leica just feels that Huawei can no longer provide! Ha! Getting more soapy aren’t we!

I’ve got to tell you this news is sad for me personally. I’ve been a long time user of Huawei and the reason I bought them was for their cameras! And their Cameras are very very good. Although the phone I use takes photos at 10 Megapixels. Actually it can take 40 megapixels photos too but then you can’t zoom and there are other reasons I keep it at 10 megapixels but that’s a story for another video! So subscribe and comment that you want to hear about it! Anyways, the photo that my Huawei takes is just great! A close friend of mine uses the iPhone 12 pro and she even said she prefers photos taken by my phone. It’s not just the technology, it’s the artistry that goes into the cameras, albeit a phone camera, that makes the picture turns out so good! And Leica just does it so well! With the whole situation of Huawei first losing the Google Mobile services and hence no play store and all that good stuff, the idea of me buying another Huawei phone is just not that appealing. My phone is one of the last of Huawei that still has the proper Google services which includes the playstore and maps and all the other things so it’s not so bad. But now I guess there’s just no reason to buy huawei phones anymore. At least for me. What about you? Would you still buy a Huawei now that it doesn’t have Google Services nor Leica partnership? Comment below!

Now if you’re a fan of LEICA cameras then the news is not all bad. Rumor has it that LEICA now has a new suitor when it comes to smart phone partnership. And this new suitor is none other than Xiaomi! If this was soap opera then this is Huawei’s arch nemesis two houses down the street! How’s that for a juicy love story! And Xiaomi is not the only whispered name either! Sharp and Honor are also said to be sending flowers. 


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