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Cheap smart watch with always on display

Are there any cheaper smart watches with always on display on the market? It seems like anything below 50$ doesn't have this function. I am looking for always on display the way Garmin watches does.

by Watching4Watches

hard to find bro

by AnyAnt

Garmin 45

Maybe not quite in your 50$ budget but the cheapest one I can think of that has always on display would be the Garmin 45. 

by Garmo

W58 Smart Watch

If you do a search on like Lazada or something like that for a "W58 smart watch" you will be able to find the W58 watch which is around $20 to $30 and it claims to have an "always on" display. 

Basically an Apple Watch clone but it does fit your bill.

by Wooshie

Amazfit Bip Lite

The Amazfit Bip Lite is probably your answer. I got mine for just $30. Really really good especially for its price.

by HobbyBite Team

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