Cool Drones on Amazon That are around $50 or less!


So here we are guys Cool Drones on Amazon That are around $50 or less! They won’t always fly the way you want them to, if at all, because they are so cheap. But they are cool nonetheless. And if you do want to buy them through the product links in the descriptions then of course I won’t stop you.


Ok here we go!

SNAPTAIN A10 Mini Foldable Drone

Ok so this drone is also a clone. Aesthetically at least, I think this drone is supposed to look like another drone on the market! But it costs much much less at just around $50. Don’t expect really high end video capabilities of course. But if you’re looking for a leisure flyer, this could do it for you! It’s small and flies well indoors. So that’s fun time for you even when it’s raining or stormy outside. And it’s so smart that you can just throw it and it’ll fly! Assuming you don’t throw it straight into the wall of course. But who would do that?

It flies in circles and it spins and flips. It’s also so smart it flies according to your trajectory! When you get bord, you can land it with a single press of the button.

You can connect your phone to the remote and get an FPV view.

Zuhafa Drone T4 Wifi

Don’t forget the wifi. Apparently that’s a selling point.

Here’s another drone that can take off from your hand. I know it’s not that impressive anymore in this day and age. But don’t forget this drone is only around $50 so let’s pretend that it is! But you know what’s really impressive? That the guy is flying the drone over open ocean in apparently high wind. Now that’s impressive. But I digress. Of course it can take video and can even target you terminator style. I don’t think it’s got real bullet though. It can also be controlled with your hand. Like a dog. And like a dog, don’t expect it to always work. And of course, it takes aerial selfies. But remember when you take aerial selfies, bring your girlfriend. Taking each selfie by the beach by yourself is a bit sad.

DROCON Mini Drone

This one is the cheapest in today’s list at only $29.99 dollars and it’s soooo small that the drone fits right in the remote. I kid you not. I hope the radio system is no infrared which is often the case with really small RC vehicles, if it is then expect signal lost quite often. Which is ok for RC cars I think. But RC drones that flying… well that might not be too ideal. But still, an interesting drone if you can get over all the pitfalls! Flies quite well!

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