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Guitar Tuners around $3

I've been seeing so many guitar tuners selling for around $3 on eBay. Most of them are clip-type tuners. The thing is they're so cheap do they even work?

by GreenBean

Tried the Aroma AT-101 and it's not so good

Well I've tried some of them. Can say from experience that the Aroma AT-101 doesn't work that well. The tuner pin just jitters so much it's hard to know when it's actually in tune. 

by BlueYou

Eno ET-33 works well!


I've tried a bunch of them and I gotta tell you the best one I've used is the ENO ET-33 . It tunes really well and is really fast. Most importantly the tuning pin doesn't twitch all over the place.

It also uses the CR-2032 battery which you can easily get anywhere.

by JohnnyNemo

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