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Quick and easy way to make sure guitar is in tune before playing?


I was wondering if there's an easy way to make sure your guitar is in tune before playing. Having to tune off the strings using normal tuner takes a bit of time and sometimes makes me loose my music mojo lol.



by CharlesGuitarMan1

An easy way to tune all the guitar at once is to use a poly phonic guitar tuners such as the polytune shown below.

You can simply strum all the strings at once and see which strings are out of tune and only tune those ones!

We also have an article about guitar tuners here which might help you.

by HobbyBite Team

Try evertune

You can also try the EverTune bridge which has springs bridges that are balanced and always keep the string in tune. Look it up.

by Dan The Man

There are poly tuning apps as well.

by Alex

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