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smart pocket watch

Hello all,

I am looking to buy a smart watch but I am more traditional and really love pocket watches. I like the feel and the whole action taking it out of my pocket to see the time. Also the fashion of it.

So I am wondering, are there are good smart pocket watch ?

by Old Man

There are some but they tend to be low end with not so much functions

by Kam

Here is a smart pocket watch from Moto

Here's one smart pocket watch from Moto

by IIoo

Get a case that does it?

You might be better off getting some sort of case that turns your wrist based smart watch into a smart pocket watch.

by JohnJohn

Yes a case that turns your smart watch into a pocket watch probably will be best

Yes JohnJohn is right. Probably the best way to get a smart pocket watch is to get some case that turns an ordinary pocket watch into a pocket one.

Here is one that that turns an apple watch into a pocket watch:

by HobbyBite Team

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