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What Picks Are You All Using?

Hey all! Let's do a fun thread. What is the guitar picks are you using and do you like it? 

by HobbyBite Team

Just a normal pick you can pick up at the store lol

I just use those normal picks you can get for $1 at the guitar store. Works ok I guess. I like the thickers ones. Don't feel too bad when I loose it lol. 

by Tam

Jazz 3 Carbon Fiber Max Grip

I use the Jazz 3 Max Grip. The carbon fiber version. The best grip in the world IMHO! Great control, doesn't slip and doesn't wear down at all. 

by John

Gravity Sunrise Mini Pick

I am currently using the Gravity Sunrise Mini Pick

It plays really well especially when fast picking. You'd think it's not good for strumming but it does that pretty well too. Seems to hold its shape pretty well. I've been using it pretty heavily for months now (a few hours per day) and it has only dulled a little bit.

by Jones

Everly Star Pick Purple

I use these Everly Star Picks. I use the purple ones. 

I really like the idea of the star in the middle. It grips really well. However, I think the hole is a too high up for me and the pick is a bit too big. If they could have a smaller version it would be perfect. 

by Jarmes

I just use my fingers

I just use my fingers lol

by MooMoo

V Pick Insanity

I use this really thick pick the V Pick Insanity

Really good for fast picking. Really bad for strumming.

by JOsh

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